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Can America Survive?

Can America Survive?

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America is under attack. The threat of bombs and bullets and every other form of terrorism comes mostly from Islamic extremists. But a powerful threat also stems from homegrown anti-Americanism from the left of the political and cultural spectrum. From "comedians" working for leading Democrat candidates who call the American President " . . . a piece of [expletive deleted]," to the candidates themselves who try to whip up feelings of victimization and anger in ethnic minorities, to universities that preach that America is the main villain on Earth and that 9/11 was richly deserved . . . a full-court left-wing propaganda press is on to drag America through the mud and sap America's resolve to fight and win the war on terrorism.

Why? Where does this anger at America by Americans come from? Certainly not from reality, since all available historical comparisons tell us that America is the most enlightened, open, and forgiving of nations and the one that offers the most opportunity to its citizens.

In Can America Survive? authors Ben Stein and Phil DeMuth examine this anti-American rage, providing plentiful and outrageous examples from campuses to foundations to Democratic candidate debates to liberal "fund-raisers" that openly tout hate as their message. The authors then attempt to plumb the psychological wellsprings that generate this anger: Is it infantile narcissism? Is it a desperately incomplete maturation process? Is it competition with patriarchal figures? The authors attempt to create a psychological road map that explores the psychological roots of this national self-loathing.

The authors offer a plan for how to fight back: They recommend educating your children in such a way as to develop pride in their country, suggest specific reading materials, offer ways to raise your voice to talk back to the major newspapers and TV networks, and even discuss how you can work fearlessly in university settings so that the left doesn't dominate political discourse.
Can America Survive? is a portrait of what is clearly wrong with the national mood, where that malady comes from, and how those who still believe in America can work in their communities and in the nation to preserve the republic.